Author: Bonnie Breed

Why Black Students Leave University with More Debts

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  The costs of higher education can burn a hole in your wallet, whether you pay out of your own pocket or provide student loans. And it turns out that, depending on your race, you can borrow more than your classmates to reach the finish. A recent study by a senior fellow at Brookings Institution […]

Credit Card Debt: America’s Biggest Battle?

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    Many Americans have problems with credit card debts. Although the mortgage interest and the interest on car loans are close to historic lows, the credit cards are not. Why? If you understand the reasons behind the inequality, this is the first step to solve the problem for you as a credit card holder. […]

A Consolidation Loan in a Bank

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Consolidation loans, short characteristics the amount of the new monthly installment – if it is lower than the sum of combined commitments, it is worth considering the offer; repayment period – the shorter, the better, but it will probably be longer than the time for repayment of existing obligations; the total amount to be repaid […]

Why Do Companies Issue Debts And Bonds? Can’t They Just Borrow From The Bank?

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  Companies issue bonds to finance operations. Most companies can borrow from banks, but see borrowing directly from a bank as more restrictive and more expensive than selling debts on the open market through a bond issue. The costs involved in borrowing money directly from a bank are prohibitive for a number of companies. In […]

Payday Loan – take or not take? That is the question!

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Each of us would like his life challenges to be the only choice whether to spend his holidays in Bali or Florida, invest in the latest Mercedes or classic Bentley? Most of us unfortunately “save” such “dilemmas” for us. Instead, he gives us surprises like a sudden expense or a surprising opportunity.   Today’s material […]