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Top 5 benefits of portable appliance testing (PAT) at home

Top 5 benefits of portable appliance testing (PAT) at home

Electrical appliances are prone to hazards from the very nature of their operation. In this regard, it is imperative to put a tab on the safety levels of the electrical equipment which are frequently in touch with human elements. This necessitates regular upkeep and periodic maintenance checks through PAT Testing Services. Below are five benefits of portable appliance testing (PAT) at home.

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Portable appliance testing is the testing of electric appliances for the risk of any electrical hazard, fire or shock. As such, portable appliance testing makes it sure that there is no electrical shock risk with using the device. A series of different test are carried out to make it sure the appliance is safe to use. All the electrical appliances should meet the electric safety standard as set by law.

Helps in avoiding electric hazard

A critical portable appliance test is the earth continuity test. Class 1 electrical devices require the earth continuity test. When an electric appliance is verified and passed the ground continuity test, it is authorized by the PAT engineer. It is a certificate that a product carries with it as it is safe to use and take no risks of electrical hazard. The electrical appliances that do not pass the portable appliance test were sent back for repair and further improvement.

Help in maintaining a good standard of the electric appliances

For the portable appliance testing professionals and consultants there a few things to remember. Maintaining a good level of safety for your electrical appliances you should bring reforms and changes in your manufacturing process. The continuous improvement in the manufacturing process helps to improve the quality of the products and thus gain more brand value.

The safe products will make you the happy customers and ultimately more and give you profits. The low-quality electric equipment may have been passed the PAT test, but it is a continuous risk of electric hazard. So the PAT testing is necessary but with high standards of product durability.

Help in tracking the maintenance schedule of the appliances

sdxfvzsdvsProper test tag is as important as the act of appliance testing. After the initial tests are done, efficient tagging comes into purview. It necessarily includes the name of the designated testing personnel, date of testing, working life cycle of the product and also the safety parameters it adheres to.

These tags effectively are the markers which decide which kind of upkeep is needed for the specific equipment. The time span before another test is required can also be deciphered from the latest test tag itself. There are a few facets that the tester stresses on gauging the potential problems with the equipment.…