Enjoy The Benefits Of Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are useful for several different surveillance and home protection applications. While some of the security camera systems are hooked up to an alarm system, many are stand alone products that allow homeowners to monitor remote parts of their property from a single central console.

wsdfasdHowever, there is a wide and sometimes complex variety of security cameras available to choose from. Choosing the right one will largely depend on a homeowner’s security concerns and specific needs. For example, if there are weather conditions or lighting situations to consider, there are cameras available for specific needs. While this article will discuss a few of the popular home security cameras, the information provided does not represent the entire range of available security cameras.

Types Of Cameras

The Bullet Style Security Camera

Bullet security cameras are long and narrow home security cameras. They are generally not considered to be unobtrusive, but they do serve their purpose well. Most of these cameras offer a 92 angle of view. The simplest of these systems can be plugged into an electrical outlet and fed into a television or video recorder without the use of special configurations or software. In low lighting conditions it’s important to choose a camera that features an auto iris functions. These are some of the most affordable home security cameras. When using a bullet style camera outdoors, a sunshield may be required and it’s important that the camera is designed specifically for outdoor use.

Infrared Home Security Cameras

Infrared home security cameras use multiple LED lights that emit an infrared light that the sensors in the camera pick up and translate into an image. These cameras are usually color capable when used in daylight conditions and black and white when used during night time conditions. Cameras that are rated for outdoor use can be used either indoors or outdoors. Infrared cameras typically plug into a 12-volt power supply and can be fed into a television or video recorder.

Wireless Home Security Cameras

swadfsdThe wireless security camera eliminates the need to run video wires to remote parts of the home so the signal will reach the DVR or television. These camera systems often include a receiver which plugs into the video recorder or television and which receives the signals. The advantage is these home security cameras are usually small and can be positioned in areas where running wires for the video signal would be impractical. Keep in mind most wireless security cameras will still need a power source at or nearby the location. Batteries can be used for short periods of a few hours but will need to be recharged or replaced. The cameras broadcast a signal to the receiver and there is often an option to scan through the cameras automatically or cameras may be set to display in quadrants.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Home Security Cameras
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