Loan application pattern

Examples of loan applications can be found on the Internet. This checklist helps to correctly complete a loan application: pre-formulated templates, overviews and checklists that are not tailored to the individual case. Below is an example of a loan application for free use.

Online loan application as an example

Online loan application as an example

Around the loan application: What data is requested? The application for a credit note in writing or in electronic format is deemed to be a loan application. So far, most loan applications have been directly and individually submitted to a house bank, savings bank or other bank. For several years, more and more loans have been granted via the network.

In order to be able to process the questions posed in a loan application before completing the application, we have outlined the typical structure of the form below. In order to be able to assert any legal claims against you later on when you have received the loan from the house bank, you should truthfully pronounce the information.

The following information is required for a loan application: You must first enter the loan amount and select the repayment term. You must accept your approval to apply for the installment loan by the Foundation. Further information on loans under the credit bureau and the credit bureau clause here.

A negative credit bureau entry significantly reduces the chance of a positive assessment of your credit. If you select the “Have a negative credit bureau entry” check box for online loan applications, your loan application will usually be rejected. Freelance and online loan applications: If you declare your independence in an online loan application, your loan application will usually be rejected.

In order to assess your credit risk and the desired loan amount when lending, banks need precise information about your financial position. Lenders are likely to demand a copy of the last pay slips. If you have just relocated, this can be interpreted badly and the loan is often rejected.

Self-employed loan application

Self-employed loan application

The self-employed usually do not receive any incentive here either. Important is the duration of employment, a recent employment during probation is likely to lead to the cancellation of your loan application on the Internet. The loan application will be rejected even if your employment is limited and the loan term exceeds that.

Payment protection is an insurance policy to cover the balance of the loan or a partial amount in case of disability, accident or death. If the Borrower becomes unable to work before repaying the claims, he can take out his installment insurance. More information about such a policy can be found here.

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